Wednesday, October 25, 2006

new gwen stefani single = bogus

i have the same kind of strange and morbid fixation with gwen stefani that i have with avril lavigne. i just d/l her new single...the beats are semi-okay, but as usual, she's doing her talk-singing thing with the most vapid lyrics known to humanity: "they try to bite our style, they try to steal our looks" are you SERIOUS? first of all, should someone who colonized a crew of japanese girls to follow her around and NOT SPEAK EVER really be talking about style-biting? secondly, are you in junior high?!?

nelly furtado's maneater is also completely puketastic. ESPECIALLY when compared to the relative brilliance of hall and oates' maneater. which is everything nelly's isn't. plus the video is so low budge it's hurtin on the eyes.

okay, now that the pop culture portion of today is done...on to dinner ish. tonight for dinner we're having french onion soup. i caramelized onions for about 1 hour, on very low heat, in a not-insignificant quantity of butter, then i deglaze the pan with whatever booze i happened to have on hand...this time it was a quite unorthodox addition of bourbon. add some thyme sprigs, season them with salt and pepper and add water (i haven't made any chicken stock in a while) and let it simmer. pour it into my french onion soup crocks (garage sale finds, every one) top with a slice of ace bakery sourdough and some gruyere cheese and throw it in a very hot oven. with this, we are having croque monsieurs, ham and gruyere sandwiches, buttered and toasted in the panini machine. and again with the no dessert.


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