Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a long time ago, we used to be friends

*cue dandy warhols*

well, despite an opening sequence i'm ambivalent about and the introduction of some new and possibly skeezy characters, I LOVE VERONICA MARS!!! i'm just worried that rob thomas (no, not the matchbox 20 douche, another infinitely smarter and more charismatic rob thomas), the show's creator, might be selling out the core fanbase by trying to attract more ratings with idiots who should've just watched the show in the first place. hopefully i'm just overanalyzing and it'll be the show i love.

what i emphatically DIDN'T love, was veronica rockin' the shrunken denim vest. ew! i did love the shout-outs to steely dan and battlestar gallactica though. one of my hidden talents is that i'm an excellent donald fagan impersonator. and, my boy just came up with an intriguing theory: the character named donald fagan was a thief...featuring the name of a steely dan lead singer?!? coincidence? hells no! not with this show!

i haven't even started watching battlestar yet, but i know it's coming, and i know it's going to be good.

okay, this has been plaguing me: ashley simpson has GOT to have more than her nose done. there's just NO FREAKIN' way that she looks like such a completely different person and just got her schnoz shaved down.

i started reading allison bechdel's new comic collection: "invasion of the dykes to watch out for". i also read her memoir-y graphic novel called "fun home". she writes these cool, funny comics featuring lesbians, transgendered people, etc. who live and have political views very similar to my own...i find them funny and entertaining just because you don't see comics with an overtly political far-left slant being represented much (doonesbury doesn't count because,'s BORING), and her characters are amusing and endearing and have rich interpersonal relationships that feel "real".

tonight for dinner is all on the boy. i hope it turns out! we're having orecchiete (sp? - ear shaped pasta), in a broccoli-walnut-parmesan pesto. it should be easy, it's a one pot, one pan ordeal. you toast some walnuts in a pan, then set them aside, and saute some onion and garlic in olive oil in the same pan, set aside. meanwhile, get a pot of heavily salted water boiling for your pasta. when it boils, throw in two heads of broccoli florets, roughly chopped, blanch them for about 1 minute or two (until they turn bright green), remove. dump in your pasta into the water. while the pasta is cooking, you blend the broccoli, walnuts, parmesan, a couple of glugs of olive oil and salt and pepper. drain the pasta, reserve about a cup of pasta cooking water, and toss the broccoli pesto with the hot pasta, loosening the sauce with some of the reserved water as needed. taste for seasoning, serve with more parm on the side. easy!


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