Thursday, October 26, 2006

in the on-going history of me being a dummy galore...

i forgot that there's an EARLIER deadline for ogs applications. ahahaha *wan smile* i console myself with the knowledge that i probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway, which is very very very small consolation. i'm also blaming the program for sending out the email reminder 5 days before the application is supposed to be in. ah well, live and learn. this is what lines of credits are for, n'est pas?

ouch. i still feel like a colossal dummy though. it smarts, i tells ya. the good news is my last class before the sweet sweet succour of reading week. in which i have to prepare a presentation and write a paper. in which i forsee myself procrastinating on the aforementioned until the very last possible moment.

also...the boy and i are staring down the barrel at five years together. eep!!! we're looking at places to have our celebratory meal (we commemorate all events with meals). i'm kind of torn between sushi kaji or oyster boy. oyster bar is way more casual...but we really do love it there. there aren't that many restaurants in toronto that i really super want to try that are worth dropping a lot of coin at, that i can think of. i would consider going to perigee again, but otherwise...i'm racking my brain trying to think of places. it's kind of telling of how conservative our fine dining scene is, when the options of stand out "destination" restaurants is so limited. the good thing is, toronto makes up for it with loads of ethnic restaurants, and lots of great restos that serve quality food without busting the bank.

i'm not really into the idea of marriage, which is unfortunate, as i've found the IDEAL image for our wedding invitation. i kind of want to do a half-assed un-wedding just to send out the invite. check it out! i also have the perfect wording: "___ and ___ invite you to join them beyond the thunderdome, as they celebrate their strange relations on ____" how hilarious would that be? it also kinda sorta looks like us too. the only way i could do a ceremony with a straight face, is if i made sure that it was completely for jokes. we're talking smoke machines, lasers, balls of fire erupting at random...i'm basically taking my cue from a motley crue show. the problem's really hard for me to get behind the whole privileging heteronormativity thing. and of being MARRIED. it's like i can already feel the shackles holding me down. plus, i answer to no man!!!

tonight for dinner we're having a caponato pasta with farfalle. i skin and cut two eggplants into a chunky large dice. i heat up a substantial amount of olive oil in a pan, and fry the eggplant until it's browned all over. i set aside the eggplant to drain on some paper towel...then i drain off any extra oil, leaving about 1 T. in the pan, which i then sautee some onion and garlic in. meanwhile, i've got a large pot of water on to boil, for the pasta. i've also got two pints of grape tomatoes roasting in the oven. i roast them rather than cook them in the sauce, because i want the sauce to taste fresh (ie. not long-simmered), but i also want to break down the tomatoes and let them get all jammy. when the tomatoes are ready, i add them to the onion mixture, throw in the eggplant, mix it all together, and add some chopped parsley, capers, and rough-chopped black olives. mix the cooked pasta into the sauce, with some pasta cooking water to lube it up, and season with salt and pepper. and that's it! in about a half hour's worth of work, i have a healthy dinner on the table.

i'm always surprised when people think they don't have time to cook. all it takes is a little organization and discipline, and you can be eating fresh, healthy, wonderful food EVERYDAY!


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