Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i f**ken love you, logan echolls!

yes, yes y'all. my day of days has FINALLY arrived. season 3 of the best show ever to hit television, "veronica mars" starts today. thank god for torrents! it's one of those criminally under-appreciated shows that crushes anything else on tv, is adored by critics, gets props from the don dada of tv (joss whedon) himself, and yet is always struggling on the verge of cancellation, because people would rather watch desperate haggy housewives . it's infuriating! this show has great characters, amazing acting, it's engrossing, snappily written and laden with contemporary pop culture references. i love it!!! you should watch it too!!!

bah...families are so crazy. or, maybe my family is just crazy. it's like a giant ball consisting of equal parts love, frustration, sublimated angst, clusterf**k, and understanding. i really love that my family is very close, and we're very honest with each other, but the flip side of that equation is that things can get a little raw sometimes. but i guess it's better overall than other families i've observed, where the pressure is on to always keep a polite facade. if you can't be honest with your family, then who? (whom?)

in other news, refworks is the greatest thing to happen to academia since post-structuralism. it's basically a program that organizes all your citations, and then, through some simple coding, will EMBED them in your paper and CREATE YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY for you. although, i can see it being a big crutch...there's something to be said for holding your torn and worn copy of mla 6th ed. in one hand, your other hand on the keyboard, your eyes frantically searching for the citation information on some journal article you copied a week ago from some source unknown and unremembered. but i like how it's like magic. magic and laser technology hold untold depths of fascination for me.

and finally...the screech sex tape?!? i'm not so much into the sex tape scene if we're talking celebrity gossip...i like intimations of tawdriness, not actually depravity. i also prefer my celebrity gossip to be of the a-list calibre. screech is so z-list that he's verging on being a real person, and lords knows i have no time for real people. boooring!

tonight for dinner is a roasted tomato soup with basil leaves. i take plum tomatoes and roast them with my mirepoix (everything except for the celery, extra carrot because the sweetness offsets the acidity of the tomatoes) with olive oil salt and pepper. then i dump them in a pot when they're starting to caramelize, and just barely cover it with water. sim simmah, and you've got tomato soup for yo' dinnah. add in some basil - which is showing an admirable zest for life and is hanging on in my planter, despite marauding bands of rabid squirrels - and a grilled cheese sandwich, and you've got the perfect rainy deal meal, straight out of a normal rockwell painting...like the WASP childhood i never had, but so secretly aspired to (foodwise, that is).



Tasha said...

oooh, tomato soup sounds good. I make that sometimes too but it's not as fancy as yours of course. :)
it is good with basil too! who knew?!

while I don't share your love and adoration with VM, mostly because I just can't watch everything (and I've become a total cable TV show snob...love the HBO!!), I can appreciate your frustration. I have seen many of my faves be torn away from me - Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, and Futurama - but your show seems to be hanging in there so be happy! To make it to a 3rd season, especially after the network merge, is a good sign.

you know, I've never used refworks. I've heard many good things about it, but yeah, I'm totally old school when it comes to refs, though I will copy and paste when I can.

I missed 90210 yesterday. what happened?

also, I went to see Sarah Polley's directorial debut at VIFF and the film was incredible! the girl's got some serious talent.

dr. rei said...

veronica mars! mercy turned me on to this ish....and this ish be like crack.
VM is truly the best show ever made. a perfect combination of teen drama and sherlock holmes.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

dr. rei?!?

that shiz is awesome!!! because if you say it fast it's totally "dre". which i'm sure you were gunning for.

tash: yesterday's neuf zero deux un zero, featured kelly BREAKING UP or giving dylan the "let's see other people" line because she's falling for that keg-house lunk-head john sears. then andrea had second thoughts about panking her t.a. and brought them up, so now she's not going to be in his class anymore, but still giving it up to him. dylan got his car JACKED! and brenda went on a blind date with jim's business associate's son who turned out to be a rich, classy (but i think kind of slimey) dude, who's sweeping her off her feet and orders 1979 champagne for them for dinner.

i hate john sears!!! he's so icky. dear john...it's called STALKING, thanks.

oh!!! and david silver took CAFFEINE pills to stay up for the radio show (which is going to lead to his crystal meth thing). woo!

tasha said...

oooh, yeah. I watched it today over lunch and got a good idea from that. dylan and kelly are soooo lame! together, not together, together...get a life!
I love that Andrea is always gettin it on with all her teachers! that's one fantasy that never came true for me...:) heehee

oh, I can't wait for David's drug addiction story! though I always loved Kelly's cocaine addiction much better...so over-the-top Aaron Spelling melodrama at its best!

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

okay...but everytime i see andrea (even with her new straightened hair do she's rocking) all i can think is "whatever...MOM...why don't you mom it up some more?"

and her obsession with the blaze was insane.