Saturday, October 14, 2006

fall = fatting it up

and how! last night i went mental on the hoovering food tip. i ate: an appetizer order of veggie tempura, the spicy beef kimchi pot with udon noodles, about 10 billion chocolate chip cookies i baked, and about 10 billion chips with sour cream'n'onion dip. eep!

i feel disgusting! i need to get the healthy train back on course. today i'm working on a paper all day so that i might finish in time to go out. we're going to see these dudes from ottawa called "the jokers of the scene" who play a mix of club remixes and baltimore bass and maybe some baile funk and other new disposable genres that i'm too stuck on jungle to care about. i don't know much about baltimore bass, but from what i've just sounds like dirty south. but it's like dirty south for middle class (predominately) white people, who want to ironically appear to be into ghetto debaucherous crunkage, but not really (ie. the style of dress of the listeners doesn't involve the baseball cap with the tag still on it). the semiotics of this are something that came to me yesterday and that i'm mildly interested in. however, i've never been to baltimore, so maybe it's a completely apt representation of the incarnation of the club scene there. i'd probably have to immerse myself in it a bit more...and quite frankly, the music isn't *so* interesting to me that i'd want to try.

tonight for dinner we're having crepes, stuffed with roasted butternut squash and mascarpone with crispy sage and garlic bits, seasoned with some nutmeg. served with a creamed spinach sauce on top. it's like a cross between a crespelle and these canelloni that i used to make that were stuffed with buttenut squash and mascarpone, or spinach and ricotta and served with a bechamel. i think i'm going to put just a little bit of filling (at most 1/4 c) in each crepe and fold it into quarters, and then spoon the creamed spinach sauce on top. hopefully it turns out as i imagine.

no dessert because i'm still feeling guilty about yesterday. i hate it when i stuff myself even when i'm past the point of hunger, but i'm just doing it because my healthiness has already been shot and i might as well go down in a blaze of glory. my gut regrets it the next day.



rei said...

sorry dude, but baltimore club is club music made by poor black kids from baltimore. and while it has had an effect on the white middle class via people like diplo, low bee, the rub etc., it's been around before that interest and it'll be around after it.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

do you have any background reading on it?

because i'm not really interested in the genesis of how it will exist in BALTIMORE before and after that...i'm interested in its proliferation in middle class america and canada. in the audience's (perhaps) fetishistic consumption of it. because who shows up at these events is a very particular subset of culture. and i kinda want to know why.

rei said...

no i don't have any reading on it. it's fun music to dance to and that's why people like it.

besides, it's not as big of a phenomenon as you seem to think. like in an average dance party dj set, you get maybe 2 or 3 bmore club tunes, alongside a lot of french house, club hits, rap, 80s electro, etc. (and it doesn't sound anything like dirty south hip hop by the way)