Monday, October 09, 2006

day of homework, here i come!

last night's thanksgiving dinner was very good. although i found out that the boy's family doesn't serve the skin on the turkey, for somewhat questionable and highly suspect reasons pertaining to the alleged fat content of the skin. to me, turkey is a pretty bland, oft-overcooked bird, and the flesh really has little appeal. i kind of thought the point of cooking a turkey WAS the skin. i also thought the high-fat justification a little strange, considering that everything else on the table is composed of varying percentages of butter, all totaling a respective mean average of > 50% also, once you've roasted a bird for as long as you roast a turkey, most of the fat has disappeared into the roasting pan (thus, the often dry meat), which means the skin is just that: skin - crispy and crackling and salty.

my suggestion for a skin sandwich (which in every kitchen i've ever worked in, has been the cook's treat par excellence) also didn't go over well, except with one of the cousins, which whom i share a worldview. we tend to agree on most things, which is funny, insofar as he's a 6'4 hulking, heavily tatooed, travelling roadie for bands like alexisonfire, and i'm a 5'4, fairly compact chinese girl training to be a librarian. when i open my own restaurant, i'm definitely putting the SkinLT on there. or, just a pile of roasted chicken skin, on soft white wonder bread, loaded with mayo. le sigh.

last night we went to mitzi's sister to hear my boy's friend's band "the lake vernon drowning" play. they're quite good. i really like them, they have a rootsy, country-esque twangy vibe (kind of like a more writerly, nouveau version of CCR or something) with cute little meandering songs. the honesty is very present, and it creates a great connectivity and resonance with me. i've seen a few of the singer songwriters in toronto perform, and very often, it seems like a re-presentation of what people think a "singer-songwriter" is supposed to sound like, which ends up devolving into generic, self-indulgent pap. this particular outfit is so good precisely because it seems to come from a true place.

today we all agreed to sleep in, and then we're having a proper breakfast: swedish pancakes and bacon. then a long day of homework and reading and catching up.

tonight for dinner is one of my favorite "blue-plate" diner-style meals. hot turkey sandwiches, consisting of a pile of warm turkey meat, sandwiched between soft bread, drowned in gravy, served with leftover veggie casserole and stuffing. probably chased with a nice wedge of my pumpkin pie, which i feel i perfected two years ago. it comes out VERY custardy, and after much tinkering, i've developed the perfect flaky crust. one of the secrets is lard in the crust. i tried using real, unprocessed lard rendered and filtered straight from pigs from the mennonites, but i found it resulted in a crust that tasted fantastic, with a really flakey and tender end result, but it was extremely frustrating to work with. the lard that you buy in the grocery store, while probably processed a little more, results in a slightly less flakey crust, that is much easier to work with and roll. it's a catch-22. i really want to enter a series of small-town country-fair pie-baking contests. maybe do a cross-country circuit. i need my pie baking skills validated, dammit!


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