Saturday, October 28, 2006

c'est l'halloween - HEY! - c'est l'halloween!

woohoo! tonight is going to be teh fun! (although i'm not hyping it up too much...i find nights tend to be best when you go into them without too many expectations). me and the boy are dressing up as bill s. preston, esquire and ted theodore logan, respectively (circa excellent adventure, not bogus journey). r is dressing up as MK olsen, my roomie is dressing up as one of the dancers from thriller, and my brother is dressing up as charlie chaplin. i'm happy because this marks one of the first times that my bro and i have ever gone out together socially, outside of our usual carousing at family vacations and such. we didn't get along so well when we were younger, and when we were older, we had different interests and were at different stages in our life. now everything is awesome because we're at the point where family is the be all and end all...and i have to say, my family kicks about 10 different kinds of ass. i genuinely enjoying hanging out with them, as people.

as you can see, bill s. preston is sporting a belly-baring shirt. i cut up a sweatshirt and then silk-screened it with "wyld stallyns" but my plan was to wear a tank top underneath. my roomie and the boy are vociferously nixing that plan, under the auspices of method-acting and staying true to the character. eep! i don't want to go out dancing with my jubbly belly all exposed for peeps to see. it's unseemly!

i'm glad i've avoided the whole girl-trap of being the "sexy ___" for halloween. it's an interesting situation. there is a certain subset of girls who love to use halloween as an excuse to tramp it up: "i'm a sexy french maid" "i'm a sexy cat" "i'm a sexy mouse" "i'm a sexy piece of toast", which is completely weird and bogus and bizarre to me. i have nothing against tramping it up. and i have nothing against using halloween in the bakhtinian "carnival" sense as a time of transgressive role-playing, but the ladies who do the overtly sexy thing don't really fall into either of those categories. i'm all about being who you are (insofar as you ever know who you are), and i'm also about hilarious and creative halloween costumes. the chicks who do the sexy thing in the way that i'm talking about, exist in this hinterland of using halloween as an excuse to just amp up their trampiness, which exists in a somewhat watered down form usually. like, just be a skankbot if that's what you're about...ALL THE TIME!

tonight for dinner we're having what i call an italian red-sauce meal. italian-american food. i'm making spaghetti and meatballs. the sauce is simmering in the slow cooker as we speak (the secret to a rich tomato sauce is TIME...and love, of course), and i'm going to make meatballs out of veal, ground beef, and pork and some bread soaked in milk, bound with a little egg, and then i'm going to simmer them in the sauce in the last half hour or so, throw in some basil leaves and top with a dusting of parm reggiano, and it's a very comforting thing to ingest when the weather is dour. with that, we're having what i call the "olive garden" salad: chopped romaine, croutons, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion slives, black olives, in a simple vinaigrette. i *might* make a dessert if we have time, and if i do, it's going to be a chocolate caramel banana pie. which is a really toothsome, achingly sweet candy bar in pie form. it's very decadent and you're supposed to eat it in much smaller portions than i actually do serve/consume.


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sarah said...

i looked for bill and ted but to no avail. sad face.