Thursday, October 19, 2006

the biblioblogosphere? no thank you!

so the fact that there's even such a thing as a biblioblogosphere, is (to use an internet meme from our time) teh ghey. it's definitely NOT teh r0x0rz. i find it mildly embarassing that people find it a worthy enough phenomena to a) name it, and b) feel all chuffed because it shows how techno-"savvy" library folk are. it's borderline painful for me. basically, the equivalent of watching your parents dance to 2 live crew (actually, that would be about 10 different kinds of awesome)...okay, it's more like when you're in grade 8, and you're walking with your dad in bi-way, and there's a rack of discounted new kids on the block t-shirts, and your dad points them out to you and says all loud like, when there are potential schoolmates within earshot: "hey! don't you love that band?" when you totally grew out of nkotb ten bazillion years ago. that's the biblioblogosphere.

look, i have no problems with people wanting to talk shop. but there's something about the idea of library people and "information specialists" nattering away in blogs that for some reason rubs me the wrong way. i suspect because they all kind of take themselves too seriously...and aren't funny. being unfunny is basically the cardinal sin with me...ESPECIALLY being unfunny in academia. it's like people who pride themselves on being dorks, but aren't dorks in the endearing, quirky way, but are TRUE dorks (the unredeemable, non self-aware kind). ie. that couple dave and lori from last season of amazing race (those who know, know). i think i kind of resent the implication that i want to talk to you, just because we're in the same field. it's like myspace. it reduces people to the sum of their interests...and makes people think they have something great and special that's worth sharing with the world at large.

i for one have ABSOLUTELY NO ILLUSIONS about that. i don't KID myself that i have anything worth sharing that's vaguely interesting to anyone but my 3 friends and assorted family. i've successfully blocked out the fact that this might be read by randoms. no surprise here: i don't LIKE randoms. i basically have a lot of pathos for complete strangers, and people who've succesfully navigated my intense screening process to be my friends...but with people i kinda sorta know but not really...i have no sympathy/time. thems the breaks. i'm basically like veronica mars. but a way less hot version. like, way.

my roomie has had a rough couple of tonight we're going to loaf it up. i'm hopefully going to be done my last assignment of hell week...and then it's a weekend of slackery and crackery. yayayayayay! tonight for dinnie we're having a spinach, ricotta, and roasted butternut squash quiche, in a whole wheat crust. and my boy is being lovely and making us chocolate pudding...and we're going to rent a movie and veg out. ahhh bliss. chocolate pudding and brainless (probably teenage) movie entertainment? sign me up!

in other friend got me this amazing cd of karl lagerfeld's favorite tunes. it's called "les musiques que l'aime". we actually have pretty divergent tastes...but the fact that my alter ego made a mix cd is beyond hilariousness.

one more day til party time!! woop!


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Hannah said...

So, the two Karls' musical tastes are not the same...