Tuesday, October 31, 2006


the spectre of marx!!! so the original plan was to do a karl marx pumpkin and a johnny cash one...but silly me, because i was captain last minute, i was left with the bottoms of the barrel, pumpkin-wise, from which to select my potential canvas. so yes, it has been revealed: i do have artistic tendencies, and my chosen medium is the humble gourd: the pumpkin. i have to say though, he looks pretty bad ass. we live on the bottom two floors of a house, and our entrance is at the back of the house, through an alley. if there was a chance that kids were actually going to come, then i probably would have staged some kind of performance piece, featuring the pumpkin all aglow and a recording of that stephen-hawking voice simulator reading from the communist manifesto or something. it was nice to get back into pumpkin carving...past years i've been so busy with restaurant stuff that i never had the time.

sooo...we totally bailed on the concert last night!!! i don't know what's wrong with us, but we really are the world's most reliable bailers. the good thing is, we surround ourselves with other bailers, so it's always okay. we also scrapped the original dinner plans in favour of trying a new fish'n'chips joint (new to us): duckworth's fish'n'chips. it still doesn't come close to beating harbord fish and chips in my fish and chips pantheon. duckworth's eating environment is much nicer (harbord is really only a summertime thing, when you can sit outside on the picnic tables), featuring a long row of red vinyl booths and roomy tables. the coleslaw was also much better: crispy, shredded, nice mix of vinegar tang and creamy mayo, with a good amount of celery salt and a touch of heat from dried mustard (the cole slaw at harbord is very much an afterthought...it's a little styrofoam container of coleslaw mulch...very very finely chopped). it was also nice that duckworth's had the option of gravy for your fries (gravy from powdered form, which to me, is perfectly acceptable in this kind of situation). however, the portions were much smaller than at harbord's. i had the haddock...the haddock was a thick brick, but the overall size was small. the batter was a thin sheath, and was crispy enough, although the real star was the fish, which came away in substantial flakes. at harbord, while the fish is thinner, the batter is shatteringly crisp, and the portion is larger. both serve fresh cut fries and packaged tartar sauce. overall it was a good, but not like harbord's greatness.

tonight's dinner is completely the boy's doing. i brought home a jamaican cookbook and he's been fixated on this curried pumpkin vegetable stew that he's going to be making for us tonight. it's got pumpkin, tomatoes, coconut milk, habenero pepper, and we're going to be eating it with the afghani flatbread that we buy down the street. afghani flatbread is a wholewheat bread, about 2.5 feet long, and lightly dimpled. it's real staff-of-life kind of stuff.



sarah said...

that is so amazing my head blew up! after putting it back together i realized i have to send a picture of your pumpkin to my friend. PLEASE email it to me please please. i am totally in awe-cooking, pumpkin carving, deconstructing, dancing, laughing and bailing all in one person. what more could you ask for?

softcore said...

i just said, "someone i knew in grad school once made the most awesome karl marx pumpkin" and here it is. so happy to find this. M, how's tricks?! :) best&cheers, corinne