Friday, October 27, 2006

all is right in the world...

finally! our kitchen faucet was all bunged up and allowing us the teensiest trickle of water with which to conduct our daily lives. it was like that for 3 days, and with the way i cook, things were not looking pretty. we were about to start washing our dishes in the tub, which seemed a little ghetto, when the landlord came and fixed it all up. niceness! it was strange how we were completely held hostage by the littlest of things. it definitely tempers my dreams of home ownership.

tonight my brother is coming over to crash...and i'm just going to take it easy. finish silk-screening my costume, probably do a costume dry run with the boy...and prepare for the weekend fun to come. this weekend is pretty jam packed...and i have to remember to be disciplined enough to stay on top of my work in the midst of it all. no slacking!!!

dinner tonight is going to be cornmeal dusted, fried oyster po'boys, on a buttered toasted bun with remoulade. oysterfest 2006 went off swimmingly last night, although my rockerfellers were compromised by the citywide (canada wide?!?) spinach shortage due to that whole e. coli thing. quelle surprise, peeps. you spray your fields with untreated manure, you're going to get e. coli. sheesh. it's such a real world example of how effed up our food supply system is, AND how dependent we are on the states of california and florida for our food. not to mention guatemala. yeeks. we also brought fries and onion rings to dip into the remoulade. remoulade is probably one of my top 5 sauces. and i do make a particularly good one, if i do say so myself.

i think i'll just scarf a fruit smoothie for dessert.



mark said...

mercy, what's your halloween costume this year? or is it top secret?

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

i'm answering you 'pon the msn.

holla back!