Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2.0 fast 2.0 furious - the discourse of library 2.0

Walt Crawford’s piece does not make any claim to offer a concrete, authoritative synopsis, or to take a definitive position on one side or another of the on-going Library 2.0 discussion. What Crawford proffers instead, is a balanced dialogic overview of the various viewpoints and criticisms proliferating in the bibilioblogosphere, at conferences and in publications, coalescing around Library 2.0 as the sole crux around which the future of library services revolves. If one can synthesize any central argument from Crawford’s piece, it is that it advocates for a critical engagement with the discourses that make up “Library 2.0” and asks the reader to detach the discourse from the material attributes of Library 2.0 as an operating paradigm. By distinguishing between the talk about Library 2.0, and its practice, Crawford effectively pricks a hole in the hyperbolic grandstanding of the most vocal and visible proponents of “Library 2.0”, and calls for a considered, qualified, textual analysis of the underlying socio-economic imperatives, assumptions, and self-serving discursive constructions that disparage current iterations of libraries put forth by “Library 2.0” stalwarts.

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Kalan said...

2 smooth, m. I now desperately want to be able to use the phrase “so and so effectively pricks a hole in…” (Lee, 2006). Love it. I agree with your take on Crawford. Really, the only thing Library 2.0 hysteria will accomplish is Library 2.0 phobia or maybe a succession of disastrous false starts in the rush to “progress.”