Tuesday, September 26, 2006

stick a gun in it, it's done

that's a new colloquialism i made up while going for an evening stroll last night. our house has instituted evening strolls, which was my roomie's idea, in order to aid digestion. it seems to be working. my cohort tries to augment our evening strolls by getting us to clap and stomp out rhythms. things i've learned about myself: i can't stomp on the downbeat and clap on the upbeat at the same time.

i'm reading a fantastically engrossing book. it's called "the omnivore's dilemma" by michael pollan. it's an examination of the processes that make up what we choose to eat. so, it talks about industrial agriculture, the discourses around vegetarian/veganism, sustainable agriculture, the petro cost attendant on what we eat, etc. it kicks about ten different kinds of ass. it also trumps reading taylor's chapter on "access points". the readings for intro. to bibliographic control blow about 10 different kinds of ass. i don't understand the point of READING what is essentially a series of rules, supplements, augmentations, etc. it's like reading the canadian criminal code back sequentially. raphael de la boring.

tonight's dinnie is a mushroom, barley, beef soup with thyme. and garlic bread made with this sundried tomato bread i got from the baker lady at riverdale farmer's market. her bread is aight. it's made with commercial yeast so the crumb is kind of tight. st. john's bakery also sells their bread there and their bread is much better, in general.

reading michael pollan's book underscores my realization that "organic" can be a load of poo as a designation. the lady organizing the withrow farmer's market wasn't too enthused when i suggested they expand the edicts of the market to include local and sustainable produce. her smile got kind of tight and then she repeated: "ORGANIC. OR FARMS IN TRANSITION TO ORGANIC". when i used to work at canoe we'd get strawberries from driscoll farms in california labelled "organic". driscoll is also the company that provides a ton of the "conventional" raspberries and strawberries on the market. so the fact that they suddenly have space to be shipping "organic" strawberries across the continent seems dodgy at best.

and the heirloom tomato thing is getting way outta hand. what's the point of having conventionally grown heirloom tomatoes? why are people so wack?



Miss Emma-Lee said...

How's this for a tomato?



p.s. I dig your blog. But, you can still take me seriously even though I use myspace. haha.

p.p.s what's your sign? :P

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

you only THINK i take you seriously, sister!


have fun at your show on friday!