Saturday, September 23, 2006

the science of "meh"

i saw the science of sleep last night. in the words of antoine and blaine: "hated it". it was terrible! michel gondry should really stick to just directing (no writing for you, mister), and directing music videos. the aesthetic of the film was visually appealing, there was a certain naive quality to the low-fi set designs and stop-motion dream sequences (i particularly like the cardboard stuff), but the characters were really flat and one dimensional. they were supposed to be "whimsical" but they weren't endearing at all. and the movie was BORING. it just moved from one scene to another and each scene seemed like an exercise in showing just how "whimsical" stephane was, but there was no character development, or anything to make me care for that matter. the story arc was non-existent. the people in the theatre around us were laughing uproariously, but they must have been stupid because the humour was played out (ie. one of the characters was a co-worker who crassly talked about sex). i was actually fidgeting in my seat wondering when it was going to end. not good.

last night i came home to an empty house so i ended up doing some serious pigging out and veering way off the meal plan dictates. in the space of about five minutes, i yammed: two chicken thighs (cold from the fridge), 1 slice of pepperoni pizza from mamma's, and 2 crappy tarts (one pumpkin pie, the other key lime) made by dufflets by way of the sun valley grocery store. i also ate a small bag of popcorn at the movies. it wasn't pretty, but it did the trick.

tonight my cohort isn't feeling well, so i'm going into jewish grandmother mode and making some chicken soup. little known fact: deep within the heart of all short chinese girls, lurks a bubby just dying to come out. i LOVE ashkenazi jewish cooking. however i should qualify that the bubby within ME, isn't really that keen on the whole lebanon-palestine fiasco. so, tonight's dinnie is chicken soup with lots of root vegetables, dill, shredded chicken, and roasted chicken stock. and maybe some simple grilled cheese sandwiches. possibly with processed cheese cuz i kind of feel saucy like that.

i'm also making an apple strudel for dessert. chopped apples mixed with cinnamon, cardamom, chopped walnuts, rolled up in breadcrumb-layered, buttered filo, baked and served with a vanilla custard sauce. i LOVE custard sauce! i'm not overly keen on the brits in other respects, but i get positively anglophilic when it comes to serving desserts with custard sauce. and there's just something about a culture that calls almost all desserts "puddings" that makes me want to rest my head on the matronly bosom of the empire. god save the queen!!!


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richardson said...

I agree whole-heartedly, LEE (with everything, really, but particularly the movie review). Excellently written in a non-pompous fashion! Bravo! A+