Sunday, September 24, 2006

plasticized cheese rules!

so i ended up going the processed cheese route on my grilled cheese sammy last night, it was everything i wanted it to be: fake, gooey, melty, and excellent with a ketchup counterpart. i think sometimes i'm trying to recapture a distinctly white-bread childhood i never had (will the next step be english muffin "pizzas" with velveeta and sliced hotdogs? who knows?). the apple strudel turned out fairly well, and i realized that it's a good recipe that lends itself to encounters with vegans, as all you have to do is sub oil for butter when you're brushing the phyllo. it was crispy and flakey and very fall.

sunday morning is the only time i get to make a real breakfast that's not cereal on the go, and it's a time when the members of my household are pretty much guaranteed to be together, so it makes for a nice sunday tradition with the "family". this morning i'm continuing jewish bubby mode by making cheese blintzes (honey-sweetened cottage cheese, ricotta, mascarpone filling) with a blueberry sauce and garlic breakfast sausages from the mennonites on the side. tonight we're reverting to the original plan for friday before i turned into captain piggerton, the seared mackeral, etc. and leftover strudel and custard sauce for dessert.

i made the zucchini relish yesterday. it turned out well (all the jars sealed), but the recipe is super labour-intensive. i also made some s'mores granola bars for sale at the AD&L cafe. apparently they were a big hit last time.

we watched "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" last night. i had to redeem michel gondry. it's still a fantastic movie. i'm not a big person on re-watching stuff, but i could see it again and again. the score is really nice's nice when films still make an effort to have an actual film score, as opposed to stringing pop songs together. another great score is neil young's work for "dead man". if you have the means i highly recommend it.


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