Wednesday, September 27, 2006

perogie critical mass...

has definitely been achieved. i'm feeling vaguely stressed out from all the silly noodley little assignments they have us do in this program, and it manifested itself in the consumption of an ungodly amount of perogies for dinner. now, 4 hours later, i *still* feel so full, i feel like i'm going to puke. and i feel like i'm going to puke up whole perogies. THAT'S how many i ate. so many that a good number of them are sitting at top of my stomach, whole, waiting to go through the miracle of digestion.

i'm not really digging any of my classes at the moment. i would say that most days, i feel like gouging my eyes out. i don't think i'm used to such a professionally oriented graduate program. we kind of get pushed through a lot of assumptions and discourses that don't get questioned, and indeed, it seems like there aren't even any apertures for a critical engagement with our framework. it's a wee bit disheartening. i mean, it'd be one thing if the courses were off the tits fun, or if the profs were funny, but they're not, so it's kind of a bummer.

today in FIS 1311, i was a little disturbed by prof. nickerson making (what i thought to be) overly deterministic statements about the so-called limitations of email communication. like, wha???? whenever i hear a statement like "jokes are harder to discern in email" or stuff of that ilk, i get all ::rollseyes:: to me, that's a pretty retrograde analysis. i guess i'm from the school of: meaning-is-created-in-the-space-between-the-medium-and-the-user. it's a collaborative process of discourse-construction, that's not predicated on the material specificity of the medium in question. it just seems like an overtly and unecessarily structuralist view of things, that doesn't take into account post-humanism, or feminist cyborg readings, or critical cyberspace theory. or, maybe i'm getting an undue percentage of hi-larious emails.

in FIS 1310 there's so much talk about reference "authority" and "objectivity" that it makes me want to stand up and shout: "THERE IS NO TRUTH, BUT TRUTH EFFECTS!" on behalf of my man foucault. and then add in: "P.S. POUVOIR!!!" for good measure.

it's just such a radical departure from my previous undergraduate and graduate work. being herded into a giant lecture hall to be assaulted with a power point presentation that's probably been in circulation since paul simon was recording graceland isn't my idea of higher education.

but i shouldn't be such a bitch-tits. what was i expecting? i knew coming in what the program was about, and that u of t is high on its own bunk-juice, so whatevs. maybe i'm just bitterbeans today and i'm just in the mood for hatin'. and besides, i take responsibility for my own complicity in this. the program is what it is, and i have to accept that and work within it as best i can, to get what i want out of it.

le poo-poo.

i'm excited about tomorrow night's dinner though!!! after a super-long day of school, i'm going to be meeting up with one of my favorite girls and we're going to flyer for my party in stores and go walking along queen. which means...GHANDI'S ROTIS FOR DINNER!!! i'm going to buy three for my house and bring them back home. what a treat! my roomie has never had them before either. ghandi's ranks equal to bacchus rotis in my book. bacchus is nice for the irie vibe, whereas ghandi's does the east indian roti. i'm getting the malak kofta roti, which consists of fried potato-paneer balls in a creamy tomato curry. my cohort is getting butter chicken roti. and the roomie is going to try a sag paneer roti. we're going to cut everything in three and go threesies. happiness abounds! the balance of flavours in their curries are fantastic, and the roti shells are perfectly flakey and sturdy enough to hold the filling in. they make everything from scratch while you wait. i'm also going to get a ginger beer to wash it all down. i'm a ginger beer connoiseur.

actually, the prospect of ghandi's is making everything aces.


p.s. i think my favorite hall and oates song is "private eyes" - shout out to veronica mars!


Steven Chabot said...

I find myself gearing up for all these assignments, presentation etc. And then I see the other people in the class just get up and blather about nothing, talking shit that has nothing to do with the readings, and I think, why I am I wasting my time on these things...

Tasha said...'s nice to see you trying the malak kafta. I had that last time I was at your place and it's all I ever order from our fave local Indian joint. good times.