Friday, September 29, 2006

okay smartie, go to a party...

peep my wikked bod flyer of rudeness! they look pretty low-key, but before i learned how to use photoshop (a year ago), it was a painstaking days-long process involving manual cutting and pasting, photocopying and re-photocopying.

i'm feeling pretty chuffed because me and my friend c (aka dj c64) have been throwing parties for five years, and we're on our 19th one. that's pretty long in toronto jungle years. we've also carved out a niche for ourselves as ethical, responsible promoters (when we first started...promoters didn't PAY local djs), and we've built a pretty loyal following. people tend to be excited about when the next splinter event is going to happen, and we get a really good crowd of people who get really bonkers and hype and enthusiastic. it's really gratifying throwing parties that fill a niche in the scene, bringing djs/producers that i wouldn't otherwise get to see, and getting crunked surrounded by people i like, as opposed to random mcgees at club X.

flyering amongst my schoolmates has been hit or miss. i asked some people in my program whether the phrase: "more debaucherous than a frat house full of roofies" was in poor taste and it didn't go over very well. most of my other friends thought it was pretty funny, but i decided not to put it on the print material in case i alienated the roofied demographic.

i think i have a better perspective on things after taking a breather from school-world last night. hanging out with my girl r helped. as did cancelling my attendance at all these workshops i had signed up for, eating rotis, and refusing to even look at my books, and instead watch episodes of buffy. i hated my last go-around at grad school because it was too much wankery, and i'm disappointed with this one because there's too little. i guess i'm a median wanker by nature.

and i gotta stop being such an over-achieving nerd-bomber type A ocd person.

apparently my friend e, at the AD&L cafe sold out of all my baked goods late wednesday afternoon. he says if i bake more, they'll buy 'em. i'm kinda thinking of jacking up the price of what i sell to him. it's a really time consuming process: i have to buy the ingredients, bake like 3 differents kinds (20-30 pieces each) and each time i do something new, i have to weigh it all out so i can calculate my food cost.

i'm currently running at about 0.50/per item, food cost only, not counting my labour. originally i sold them to him for 0.75, and he was selling them for 1.50. after working 3 hours doing the first batch, i realized i was getting the short end of the stick and we went through a renegotiation process so that i could get 1.00/per. that way, we both make .50 profit. that seems fair. the thing was...i had to ARGUE MY CASE ABOUT IT. wtf??? i'm the one actually making the stuff, dude just has to carry it. all the labour is on my end, as far as i can see. so i might up the price. if my stuff is popular, they're selling out...i want to see what the market can bear, so to speak. he's also carrying vegan baked goods which are larger than mine, but i'm betting that lady didn't do a food cost, so she's probably running at a loss. and, i bought one of the vegan cookies, and it tasted like a diuretic aid. so, i've obviously got the upper hand here. this arrangement has worked okay so far, because the money i'm getting for it pays for my photocopies and what little i spend on recreation/eating out, etc.

the other thing that's getting my goat is that duderino keeps giving me suggestions on what to make!!!!!! as if, guy! i just ignore him and make what i want to make. this week's shipment is going to consist of lemon bars, raspberry bars (jam was on sale) and i might make oatmeal chocolate chip and coconut cookies with my niece when i babysit her on saturday.

today i'm working at a library that i don't like, with my friend that i really like. being able to work with h makes the mundane tasks of a page much more bearable. for dinner we're having a wild mushroom fettucini with thyme, sauce is an emulsion of the pasta cooking water and some butter and maybe a touch of cream. i'm also getting ahead on thanksgiving by jarring up some of my cranberry apple and pear relish (much better than regular cranberry sauce) and a couple of sweet potato pecan pies and throwing them in the freezer. sweet potato pecan pie recipe comes via dinosaur bbq, a biker bbq joint that started in upstate new york. it's pretty real deal, as far as i can tell. people in toronto like to big up phil's (formerly dipamo's) original bbq out at college and ossington. i find phil's okay at best. the ribs tend to be on the dry side, the sides are terrible, and the pulled pork isn't succulent enough, and phil hasn't really worked on his sauce. the sides at dinosaur are insane-o. especially the mac salad. at any rate, this pie is so freakin' good that r has claimed it as her "the apocalypse is coming, and my imminent demise is here, and i'm going to go out eating this" pie. you really couldn't ask for higher praise, although i find her defeatist attitude about the coming apocalypse a little disheartening.



rei said...

that pie is so good that it would make my imminent demise seem like heaven! (but i am brushing up on my water filtration skillz so that i can be invited into your apocalypse commune)

meredith said...

i NEED that recipe. if you don't mind sharing, pleeeeeeeease email it to me at sinisterfoxx AT gmail dot com. sweet potato pie and pecan pie are 2 of my most favourite things in the world, ever.

we most definitely do share a similar worldview and things and it would be a shame if we didn't meet up sometime. i don't have much of a social life on campus, but whatevs, maybe we can grab a drink some time.