Thursday, September 21, 2006

karl lagerfeld is most skeptical of this enterprise

heretofore, i have been quite happy to sit on the sidelines of this whole emo-tastic enterprise, slagging on blogs and bloggers, and now, through the cruel machinations of fate, 5% of my mark depends on it. the bitter, bitter irony!

i'm not really sure what i'm going to talk about. am i supposed to keep it about technology and my thoughts on technology all the time? cuz i can forsee that getting kinda dry, guy. i'll probably keep the subject matter loose and unstructured, talk about whatever i'm into at the moment, and do a little bit of hatin' on the side (for those of you hanging on by the seat of your pants: i hate to burst your bubble, but my love for Anglo American Cataloguing Rules 2nd ed. will not feature prominently here, sorry to disappoint).

i'll probably talk about food a lot...because i like to eat, and i like to cook, and i like thinking about food, and in my former life, before i opted to chain myself to the architectural marvel that is the claude t. bissell building, i was a professional cook. tonight i made this mexican-style tortilla lasagne thing. it consisted of layers of corn tortillas interspersed with a black bean-chipotle tomato sauce, roasted poblano peppers, and a monterrey jack bechamel. it was muy picante, if not exactly culturally authentic.

i'm really feeling j dilla's last album, "the shining". particularly the tunes "love jones" and "so far to go". the latter features common and fatty d'angelo. poor poor fatty d'angelo. if i can ever figure out how to post pictures in this thing, i'll provide a side by side comparison of d'angelo pre-fatty and post-fatty. it's crazytown! common is actually aight on this tune, which is a big thing, because he and i have a checkered past (i blame him for me dropping out of my last graduate program).

i'm also currently fixated with the following: lindsay lohan being a slut-bot, beverly hills 90210, expressing my emotional state in the third person via karl lagerfeld, and finding a suitable venue for the next party i'm throwing. DUDES! i can totally use this for promotion! if you like to shake your moneymaker and get grimey and listen to bumpin' should come to my jungle parties. they're off the chain.



meredith said...

the shining rules, yo. it's so so good.

how is common to blame for you dropping out of your last grad program??

Kalan said...

Please see picture in attached link for future emotional inspiration and support.
With love and support,

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

kalan! these are for you (welcome to the world of mercedes' breakfast "news" routine):

i also have that picture of karl laggypoo. is there anything better than my alter ego in a shiny silver jogging suit? i think not.

Anonymous said...


"english muffin "pizzas" with velveeta and sliced hotdogs"

the good ole days!

white as white can be.


Tamara said...

Just to add to your already comprehensive list of celeb blogs, my favourite - Oh No They Didn't!
It is actually a live journal, but I find that I can just read ONTD and skip all the others as it has all the best news (and all the pics of Lindsay being a slut-bot etc) in one place.
Anyways, here is the link, check it out

Jesse said...

Hey Jesse here. I just found your blog. I'm starting at the beginning. I'll let you know what I think.