Wednesday, September 27, 2006

just as i always suspected...

yesterday in my "intro to bibliographic control" class, i asked about discrepancies between the results i had for our ungraded assignment, and the results prof had posted on the overhead projector. prof told me that i had been doing level 3 work, when we were only supposed to use level 2. so basically, she told me that i'm next level. it was pretty awesome.

i was trying to think of songs by hall and oates (sp?) lately, and the only one i can remember is "maneater". it's pretty catchy, but i'm absolutely positive they had more than one hit, and those other hits were equally, if not more, catchy.

trying to stay ahead of my workload is kind of crazy. it probably doesn't help that i take on all these additional projects in addition to working for tpl...but i guess i'm a type A personality. i just feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. ah well, i guess it's better than being at jesus camp. or in sierra leone, or david hasselhoff's daughter. i should be grateful that those are my problems, as opposed to my roomate, who's a student midwife in her last year...on friday, when i was busy bitching about the science of sleep, she was delivering a baby that had to have it's heart and lungs manually stimulated for FOUR MINUTES. so, all things considered, i'm doing aight.

dinner tonight is that old standby when i need something quick: perogies! with full fat sour cream, caramelized onions and garlic, and steamed green beans with a red-wine shallot mustard vinaigrette.


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meredith said...

once my friend Thor dressed in a suit he made that had a built in stereo system that blasted hall and oates. he walked around the new york subway wearing a sandwich board that said "i will kick the living shit out of you for $10."

my favourite: YOUR KISS IS ON MY LIST