Monday, September 25, 2006

"i'm not spoiled, i'm privileged"

- steve sanders, 1993

i watched "enron: the smartest guys in the room" this past weekend and it made my blood boil (predictably). after careful consideration, i've decided that day traders are chachis of the highest order, and therefore, are being added to my list of "people i can't take seriously". this list includes:

- anyone with a myspace page (i know there's 50 million of 'em, but i'm not interested in that wank-fest)
- people who believe in astrology
- people who work for companies like rogers and can't admit that they're effed up.
- people who you know know you but pretend like they don't in public, and awkwardness ensues.
- people who go on and on about how "tv sucks" and pride themselves on not watching tv. i don't CARE if you watch tv, that's your choice, but don't act like it gives you some kind of moral/cultural superiority. and also, don't qualify these kinds of statements by saying: "i only watch the discovery/history/etc. channel" like you're some kind of stalwart of the intellegentsia or something.

of course, there's a gradation along the scale, i might weigh other factors into the equation that will lessen the degree to which i won't take you seriously, and i'm generally easy-going, but if you subscribe to any of those things, there will always be a small part of my brain that will marvel over your ability to do so.

i also went to a farmer's market trial-run in withrow park. it was nice, a lot of the vendors from my regular farmer's market in riverdale were there, but i was surrounded by people wheeling $2000 designer strollers and they were mostly whiteys so i kinda got wigged out. i really believe in local organic food, and that what we put into our bodies matters, insofar as we should be conscious of the choices we make, but being surrounded by flake-bots being self-congratulatory and pious about their ability to spend the extra money on organic food gives me the willies. it really bugs me when people can't acknowledge their own privilege. they also played some really bad hippie-folkie music featuring lots of shakers and paens to peas.

on that note, last night i went off the charts again and yammed mamma's pizza delivery. didn't feel like cooking. but i was highly conscious of my choice to stuff my gullet with mamma's veneziana (artichoke pesto, black olives, proscuitto, asiago) and devils delight (spicy peppers, sausage). it was freakin' tasty as all hell.

tonight i'm finally doing those poor mackeral fillets justice.


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