Thursday, September 21, 2006

donna martin graduates!

okay, so apparently no one wants to read my crappy blog for jerks. i kind of find this liberating, in a doogie-howser-typing-his-diary-to-no-one (except possibly his creepy friend who climbed in the window every night) kind of way.

last night's episode of neuf zero deux un zero was pretty righteous. it involved the fall-out from donna getting wasted on a couple of glasses of champagne on prom night and getting suspended from school. brandon rallied the students of west beverly high to walk out on exams and protest. the best part was the corollary that was drawn between brandon's stand (on the rights of donna to be a privileged wasted slutco), and the student protests against the vietnam war in the 60s (!!!!!) it was, in the parlance of our times, teh awesome!

tonight's dinner was very fatty, and consequently, very tasty. i love fall/winter food because it's the ultimate time to indulge, and the food in general is just comforting, warm, and belly-filling. there's nothing like trudging home when you're cold and wet to find a slow-cooker slowly coaxing the gelatin to break down in a pile of short ribs, or clogging your tender arteries with mounds of pork belly by-products. we had a zucchini and proscuitto carbonara pasta with some thyme and lots of ground black pepper.

i also made some raspberry bars to sell at the architecture cafe. if anyone IS reading this, and wants to taste my wares, i'm selling baked goods at the wee cafe in the architecture, design and landscaping building (on huron street) at u of t. it's my first venture into freelance catering/wholesaling and if i've learned anything, it's that buying your ingredients retail really effs you up. i'm running at a 50% food cost, and that's BEFORE i factor in my labour. but the raspberry bars are, in lil' kim's words, the "ill na na". they also have real, fair trade espresso and a pretty bomb espresso machine in there, if that's your kind of thing.

what it is, yo. what it is.



meredith said...

ok dude i need your help.

i just bought a slow cooker last year and so far all ive made was gumbo (which was damn tasty).

now i cant get that image of ribs out of my head. i want to come home to ribs, or to tender tender chicken drumsticks in some kind of sweet and spicy sauce.

how do i make delicious ribs in my slow cooker?

meredith said...

ps - im sorry if i ruined your doogie howser typing to noone fantasies.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

that's okay. i take a narcissistic pleasure in people knowing what to eat.

short ribs are easy. you buy 'em, salt and pepper them on each side, brown them on each side in hot oil. take them out, put them in the slow cookie. then you take some chunks of onion and garlic and brown them in the same pan you used for the short ribs. deglaze with some red wine, and dump all of that in the slow cookie. i also add some chopped carrots and celery to the slow cookie, and maybe a few sprigs of rosemary or thyme. add some more wine and beef stock, turn the slow cookie on, and dinner is served.

i'll tell you the common story if i ever meet you in person. it's kind of long. suffice to say that a roomful of grad students prattling on about "conscious" hip hop <-- a term i despise...did me in.

mainly because conscious hip hop BLOWS.

meredith said...



so classic. i actually know a girl who is incorporating "conscious" hip hop into her dissertation. there's a term for that: it's called ME-search.

also, if i ever hear about how radical and subversive it is to knit again, i will stab myself with knitting needle.

thanks for the cooky lesson. i'm totally going to try it out this week.

Greg said...

Those raspberry bars sound good! When exactly are you selling them? If I can't make it to the bake sale, would you like to trade recipies? (I have a recipie for berry cobbler that is awesome!)

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

hey greg,

i can't find your blog! it's not a bake sale, my stuff will be on sale there every week, i'm wholesaling to the cafe and they take care of the rest.

it's the architecture, design and landscaping faculty, located on huron street, just north of college. it has ugly ADL letters over the front door and the cafe is just on the left as you enter the building.

check it out!