Friday, September 22, 2006

cheese it, the feds!

as promised here is a picture of fatty d'angelo. damn, son.

the jig is up! my blog is being read. and i'm caught posting on a regular basis. eep! mainly these posts are gratuitous padding around the real reason for my daily entries: i love documenting what i'm making/eating for dinner. so, it's early in the morning, i know you're frothing with anticipation, and yet, a niggling question in the further recesses of your rational mind: HOW DOES SHE KNOW WHAT'S SHE'S HAVING IF IT'S 8:40AM???

confession time, world: i make a weekly meal plan. i do this for the following reasons: it helps me stick to a weekly budget (i do all the cooking in my house of 3), it's organized and makes grocery shopping easier, and it's a by-product of my not-so-latent obsessive compulsive tendencies. i also have an excel spreadsheet grocery list. i've made my peace with it, but i'm well familiar with the pitying looks these revelations tend to induce.

on to happier things: tonight i'm making seared mackeral fillets on top of a warm, chivey potato salad bound with a mayo-sour cream mix (it's supposed to be creme fraiche, but i was too lazy to make a batch), with roasted garlic-thyme campari tomatoes on the side. i'm also starting a batch of my spicy zucchini relish, to be canned and preserved tomorrow. yes, i also make preserves. i'm preparing myself for the coming apocalypse (you have your doubts about the coming apocalypse??? go to you tube and watch the trailer for "jesus camp" - don't expect to get any sleep tonight - you've been warned).

i'm kind of looking forward to seeing "the science of sleep" even though it's been getting middling reviews. gael garcia bernal is a dreamboat, and i'd slog through a lot of dreck to watch him be pretty onscreen.

does anyone know how to inbed pictures into the body of the text? the "add picture" function seems to just plop them on top of the post somehow.


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Vann-Ly said...

Hey Mercedes darling,

My blog is pimpin' look at yours! Amazing!!! guess what???? I kinda like blogging too.... it is like a diary. Wow, I was reading your weekly meal plans and getting slightly distracted by what happene to D'angelo...damn for sure! Maybe that's why I am glad I haven't fluctuated with my weight so much...even though I want to lose some.

oh, I finally understood how to do the picture thing. Pop them up onto a post and under your settings of the post, change the date so that it is archived to August or something and then you will have your picture. For some reason, you cannot just add them anywhere... it's all HTML stuff! Yuck!

See you in class sweetie!

p.s. - sorry about that... if it helps, I tell everyone my address is at bad habit !!!