Saturday, September 30, 2006

betrayed by my own subconscious!

so i had this weird dream a couple of nights back, where my siblings and i were superheroes. my sister was wearing a nun's habit, so her superhero name was "the habit". my brother had these long tentacle-like arms, so his name was "stretch" or something. you want to know what my name was? "the bitch" !!!!! hahahahaha! it was one of those dreams where you're semi-conscious of the stuff unfolding as it happens, so i remember in the dream, consciously being, "what the f**k? i gotta remember this for later".

the most positive thing about this blog so far is that it's letting me stay in touch with people that i don't get to see regularly. i'm just hoping that there wasn't an "official" guideline for this blog and i don't get penalized for being a potty-mouth, gossip-mongering trash-talker. i am what i am, take it or leave it.

i wanted to go to some of the scotiabank "nuit blanche" things tonight, but i'm passing it up in favour of babysitting my niece and hanging with my sibs later. the nuit blanche listings look hit or miss. swimming in hart house all night listening to "experimental" music? not so much, thanks. i would really like to do nuit blanche in montreal. i was talking to r and we decided that the problem with toronto is that we're always trying to emulate what a "city" should be, instead of letting things develop organically. we're a city of try hards, so when things happen, it always seems forced and overly determined.

tonight for dinner i had planned on smoking some ribs and doing a whole southern-influenced meal. i don't know if the rain is going to mess with my barbecue's ability to stay really low for the requisite amount of time, but i'll give it the ol' college try. i haven't smoked anything in the q all summer...which sucks! i tried to find apple or cherry wood, but no luck, so i'm stuck using hickory chips instead. i smoke 'em for about 3 hours or so, at about 250F, and then finish them on high heat with my chipotle bbq sauce, which i based off the dinosaur recipe and augmented over time. the plan is to have macaroni salad and jicama, red cabbage and carrot slaw with it. i hadn't thought of a dessert thing...maybe chocolate pudding cakes with whipped cream.


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